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Purple Foods painted the city of Lucknow Purple with its Purple Santa!

Purple Foods painted the city of Lucknow Purple with its Purple Santa!

Who says that Santa can only be RED?

Over the centuries, the depiction of Father Christmas wearing a red attire has been fixated in our minds. But this Christmas, Purple Food wanted to give Santa a makeover and dress him in Purple. It was a fun initiative that not only aligns with the brand’s colour but also gives the Santa Claus a new twist. Spot the Purple Santa contest made huge buzz in the neighbourhoods. Malls, Residential societies, Events were all able to witness Purple Santa and participated in this Spot the Santa contest with a lot of enthusiasm. 

Purple Foods, with this amusing initiative is to emphasis that something new can be done while keeping the spirit of old intact! 
Purple Foods is getting to us something new in the form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) & robotics based cooking which gives us more hygiene & control over taste & texture of food across outlets while keeping the old at heart which is recipes that come from the best human know how in form of their own Purple master chefs!

This new Multi-cuisine food destination has recently opened its doors in Lucknow at DLFMy pad! With a fresh concept of having multiple food brands under one roof, Purple Foods is trying to bring all your restaurant hopping to an end. You will have access to many brands like Purple Panda for Chinese, Sultanet-E-Biryani for biryani & kebabs, Indie Feast for curries of India, Faloodah for desserts, and many more. You will be spoilt for choice with exquisite taste!

Taking pride in the freshness of their ingredients, goodness of food, and special curation, they make sure that there’s something on offer for everybody — from health-conscious adults to the young ones with picky, sensitive taste buds. Whatever you are in the mood for, Purple Foods is definitely serving it from Delicious Burgers to Royal Biryani, and you will get everything under one roof. Why choose one, when you can have them all?! 

The wonderfully and carefully crafted menu by Purple Foods Master Chefs serves assorted food featuring classics such as Kebabs, Tikkas, Rolls, Special Biryanis, Indian gravies and bread, the must-try all fluffy stuffed Kulchas, Momos, Burgers & Fries, Scrumptious Chinese, Faloodahs with a Twist and ….. We can go on! Our special recommendation would be our Hearty Butter Chicken or the veg delight Dal Makhani that you can mop up with breads like Laccha paratha. Purple Foods "One Destination for All Your Food Cravings “is therefore our rightful manifesto.

Purple Foods elevates the dining experience by incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotic Machines to serve delightful dishes that pay homage to traditional Indian ingredients while incorporating modern techniques to bring out their nuanced subtleties from our advanced kitchen. This concept is brought forth to ensure a safe dining experience, precautionary measures keeping in mind the Covid norms ensuring food is untouched, fresh & healthy and stays a budget-friendly eat for all customers. Purple Foods is all set to captivate and charm gourmands with joy!

The wonders of technology never cease to amaze us, Purple Food has its outlets in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Kochi.

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